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Saturday's Promo # 1

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Saturday's Promo # 2

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Saturday's Promo # 3

Biggest Play of his Career

Sean Michaels

3rd Ever
Raise the Bar
150 Dime
College Play of his Career

Tulsa - Navy

Matches his 2nd Ever 150 Dimer in College Football
- West Virginia (-13') over TCU 47-10 last Saturday -

Roll with 100 Dimers in College the past four weeks
and this play is BIGGER than all of them -

Roll with 100 Dimers in the NFL
and this play is BIGGER than all of them - 

BIGGER than last Friday's 100 Dimer on Syracuse over Louisville

BIGGER than 2 Saturday's ago 100 Dimer on Michigan over Penn State

Winner # 14 of 21 Overall the Past 5 Weeks

Winningest Football Handicapper
at this Site the Past Seven Seasons

$10 Bettors Have Won $15,665

515-460 Best Bet Roll in all sports

Use Coupon Code: HALF

Saturday's Promo # 4

Saturday Night Bailout
- SAVE $60 -

Chris Jordan

$1 bettors up Over 48 GRAND the past 708 Days

Biggest Play of the Season Goes Again

Double Your Wager
College Winner # 37 of 55
and 2nd this season -

Arizona State at Oregon - 10:30 Eastern Kickoff

MATCHES his 2000* Winner on Army over Hawaii on September 15

Chris has made $1 bettors $13,740 in college football
since the 2015 season

$1 bettors have made $163,230 with his plays rated
1000* or higher in all sports since 2006

Use Coupon Code: Late

Saturday's Promo # 5

College Football Total
- SAVE $70 -

Trace Adams - Winning Day # 6 of 9

Raise the Bar
Winner # 5 of 7

Duke-Clemson Over/Under

BIGGER than last Saturday's Top-Rated 1000* Winner on
Nebraska-Illinois Over by 17 1/2

Use Coupon Code: Total

Saturday's Promo # 6

$7.77 Triple Play - Hockey

Dom Chambers

2nd Biggest Play of his Career

Winner # 26 of 42
- and 12 of 19 -

Home Ice DOMinator 

Matches Thursday's 50 Dimer on Columbus 7-3 over Florida

$10 bettors have won $8,250 the past three seasons

Use Coupon Code: Dom777

Saturday's Promo # 7

Biggest College Play of the Year Goes Again
- SAVE $65 -

Tommy Brunson - Winning Day # 21 of 31 (and 10 of 14)

$10 bettors have netted $8,500 the past 30 Days

100 DIME
Winner # 10 of 15

Virginia - Georgia Tech
Tommy is fresh off the 20th Ever 150 Dime NFL Play of his Career
- Seahawks over Green Bay on Thursday -
that improved his lifetime record to 15-5 with those releases

Use Coupon Code: Tommy

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If any of the handicappers mentioned above are NOT at this site,
please contact Customer Service and they'll let you know where to find them.

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