NBA Winner # 32 of 49, & 11th of last 12 - Of Course!

100 DIME
Max Wager
Lead Pipe Lock # 20 of 28
(& 10th of last 11!)

Raptors close out the Bucks
- Yet another Half-Price Winner -

MATCHES Thursday's 100 Dime Game 5 Winner on the Raptors

MATCHES Monday's 100 Dime Game 4 Winner on the Trail Blazers

MATCHES last Sunday's 100 Dime Game 3 Winner on the Raptors

MATCHES last Saturday's 100 Dime Game 3 Winner on the Warriors

MATCHES 2 Friday's ago 100 Dime Game 2 Winner on the Bucks

MATCHES 2 Wednesday's ago 100 Dime Game 2 Winner on Trail Blazers

I was the ONLY Handicapper at the Site to have Portland in Game 2

MATCHES 2 Tuesday's ago 100 Dime Game 1 Winner on the Bucks

MATCHES 2 Monday's ago 100 Dime Game 1 Winner on the Warriors

MATCHES two Sunday's ago 100 Dime Game 7 Winner on the Trail Blazers
OUTRIGHT over Denver

BIGGER than 75 Dime NBA Winner # 7 of 9 on
Golden State OUTRIGHT over Houston in Game 6

I was the ONLY Handicapper at the Site to Have the Warriors
against the Rockets in Game 6



(Winning Day # 7 in a Row - Nope)

1000 UNIT
Winner # 15 of 20, & 6th of last 8

A.L. Living Lock - Part 2

Boston +115 falls at Houston

MATCHES Friday's 1000 Unit Winner - Houston (+125)
edging Boston, 4-3

You Paid $39 - You Saved $60

MATCHES Wednesday's 1000 Unit Winner - Colorado
rolling Pittsburgh, 9-3

TWICE AS BIG as Thursday's 500 Unit Winner
Braves in extra-innings over the Giants

TWICE AS BIG as Tuesday's 500 Unit Winner
Cubs edging the Phillies

TWICE AS BIG as Monday's 500 Unit Winner 
Yankees Run Line over the Orioles

TWICE AS BIG as last Sunday's 500 Unit Winner 
Mariners over the Twins

Raise the Bar 20 Dime Winner # 5 of 6 This Week - CASHED

Afternoon Bankroll Builder

Twins (Run Line) 8-1 over Chicago
 - Another Half Price Winner -

Matches Friday's 20 Dimer on the
Twins (Run Line) 11-4 over Chicago
you got it for Half Price Off 

Matches Wednesday's 20 Dimer on the
Cubs (+120 Run Line) 8-4 over Philadelphia
you got it for Half Price Off 

Matches Tuesday's 20 Dimer on the
Rangers (-125) 5-2 over Seattle
you got it for Over Half Price Off -

Matches Monday's 20 Dimer on the
Yankees (Run Line) 10-7 at Baltimore
- you also got it for Over Half Price Off -

151-120-3 with Top-Rated 15 Dimers in the NBA since 2009
- this play was bigger

MLB Winner # 14 of 21 Overall

Yep - Another One!

My Second-Biggest
MLB Release of the Season

75 Dime
MLB Winner # 9 of 12

Oakland 6-5 over Seattle

Just as strong as Friday's 75 Dime Winner
on Houston (+125) 4-3 over Boston

Just as strong Wednesday's 75 Dime Winner
on Oakland over Cleveland, which you got for $24, a savings of $75

$1 bettors up 46 GRAND the past 29 months

500♦ MLB Winner # 3 in a Row

Total of the Month

Padres-Blue Jays Over by 13 1/2 runs!
and you got it for $7.77

Matches Thursday's 500♦ on the Pirates 14-6 over Colorado

Matches Wednesday's 500♦ on the Rangers 2-1 over Seattle

I'm also on a 17-3 run with my MLB Freebies
after nailing the Phillies over Chicago on Friday
Free Pick Video
1 Day of Access $99
7 Days of Access $449
30 Days $999

All Sports Included - Nothing Further to Buy!

(Any "Guarantee" applying to Guaranteed Plays

and Resulting Free Service is NOT included)

Sean Michaels, Chuck O'Brien,

Matt Rivers, Scott Delaney, Jay McNeil,

Karl Garrett (NHL) and Gabe DuPont (NHL) 

do NOT release plays every day

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