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Promo # 1

NFL Late Action
SAVE $65 -

Ray Chadwick - Winning Day # 15 of 20 (and 6th straight)

100 DIME
Quadruple Wager
Winner # 7 of 9 the Past Two Weeks

New Orleans at Baltimore - Goes at 4:05 Eastern

7th Ever NFL 100 Dimer of his Career

MATCHES last Sunday's 100 Dimer on the Vikings (-9') over Arizona
who covered because he told you to buy down the 1/2 point
- You also got that winner for Over Half Price Off -

MATCHES Thursday's 100 Dimer on Stanford at Arizona State,

MATCHES two Saturday's ago 100 Dimer on Iowa State over West Va

MATCHES two Tuesday's ago 100 Dimer on App State over Ark State

MATCHES two Monday's ago 100 Dimer on the Saints over Washington

MATCHES three Sunday's 100 Dimer on the Texans (-2') over Dallas,
who covered because he told you to buy down the 1/2 point 

Ray is Fresh off Saturday's 1st Ever 150 Dimer of his Career with
Iowa (-10) over Maryland 23-0
- You also got that winner for Over Half Price Off -

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Sunday's Promo # 2

Save $28 off the purchase of ANY Handicapper's Play or Package

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Sunday's Promo # 3

Early Max Wager
- SAVE $75 -

Tommy Brunson - 4th Straight Winning Day

2nd Biggest Play Since his Site Debut

16th Ever
150 DIME
NFL Play of his Career

Cleveland at Tampa Bay

11-4 with 150 Dimers in the NFL since his site debut last September 
and you've gotten them all foOver Half Price Off

BIGGER than Thursday's 100 Dimer on the Broncos at Arizona

BIGGER than Friday's 100 Dimer on the Brewers over LA

BIGGER than Saturday's 100 Dimer on UCF over East Carolina

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Sunday's Promo # 4

Over Half Price Off
- SAVE $60 -

Jack Brayman

Winning Day # 16 of 21

$1 bettors have made $20,017 the past 219 days

Winner # 8 of 9

Vikings at Jets

MATCHES last Sundays' 80 Dime Winner # 7 of 8
on Kansas City at New England that you also got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES last Saturday's 80 Dimer # 6 of 7 on USC over Colorado

BIGGER than last night's 50 Dimer on Utah over USC

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Sunday's Promo # 5

Hockey Winner # 5 of 6
- SAVE $77 -

Gabriel DuPont

Interconference Underdog of the Month

Buffalo - Anaheim

Gabe is either on the Sabres +150 on the Money Line
or the Ducks at +175 on the Puck Line

MATCHES Thursday's 50 Dimer on San Jose (+130 Puck Line)
over Buffalo that you got for only $9.95

MATCHES Wednesday's 50 Dimer on Montreal over St. Louis
that you got for $9.95

MATCHES Tuesday's 50 Dimer on New Jersey over Dallas
that you got for $7.77

MATCHES Monday's 50 Dimer on Ottawa (+150) over Dallas
- another $7.77 winner -

$10 bettors up $12,295 with plays rated
50 Dimes or higher since his site debut

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Sunday's Promo # 6

Sunday Night Bailout

Al DeMarco - Winning Day # 65 of 107

Winner # 22 of 34

Cincinnati at Kansas City

123-88-9 with NFL 15 Dimers the past 7 Seasons

Matches Thursday's 15 Dimer on the
Broncos (-1) at Arizona 45-10

Use Coupon Code: HALF

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